San Salvatore Telesino

San Salvatore Telesino was called after the homonymous Benedectine Abbey: built by the Longobards and recently restored, the abbey had glorous guests, such as Ruggero the Norman and Sant’Anselmo, Archibishop of Canterbury.
The Tourist Park of Grassano is also worth visiting: it streches over 120,000 sqm, and also thanks to the Rio Grassano that flows through its entire surface offers several possibilities for water sports.
Along the way leading to the neighbouring Telese Terme, like in an open-air museum we can see remains of the boundary walls of the ancient Telesia, which, during the Punic Wars, was first conquered by Hannibal and then re-conquered by Quinto Fabio Massimo, as reported by Titus Livy in his Annals.


  • remains of the Castello della Rocca, a castle built by the Sanframondo family;
  • church of the Assunta and church of the Immacolata Concezione, rich in precious religious funrnishings;
  • the Baronial Palace;
  • for nature lovers: the “Pure” karstic craters, some more than 150 m deep
  • Ancient Telesia Archaeological Area
  • Civic Archaeological Museum of Telesia
  • Picture Gallery “Massimo Rao”

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Source: EPT Benevento