At the foot of Mount Taburno Montesarchio is situated, one of the most populated commercial centres of the Valle Caudina. Of ancient origins, some histographers identify it as the Samnite “Caudium”, then fortified by the Romans to protect the Via Appia, that, in 268 b.C., extended up to Benevento.
Montesarchio was an unavoidable passage for trades and the movements of the Roman Legions going from Rome to Benevento along the Via Appia. In the Middleage it became a powerful Longobard centre. Under Ferdinand II the Bourbon, the castle and the tower became state prisons: the patriots Michele Pironti, Nicola Nisco and Carlo Poerio were imprisoned there.


  • Aragonese Castle and National Archaeological Museum of Samnium Caudino
  • church of SS. Trinità
  • eighteenth-century church and monastery of Saint Francis, today’seat Town-Hall
  • several other historical and architectural traces that witness for its glorious past


Source: EPT Benevento